1. Go to

  2. Search for the song you would like to use

  3. Click on the icon on the end. (Watch video for instructions to copy the link of your song selection)

  4. Paste your song selection on your wedding day questionnaire

PASTE THE LINK on your questionnaire inside your CLIENTS PORTAL. (if you do not have a clients portal set up yet please text (973-826-5146) and let us know.

Please do not just send the name of the song and artist. There may be up to five different versions of the song.

We have the rights to use all music from ARTLIST.IO These songs are included in your package pricing. If you can find a song here we can use it. Due to the frequency of other services changing their pricing and the way they sell rights to songs we are currently unable to assist in your search outside of If you cant find the song you want to use for your wedding video here you are free to purchase rights to songs elsewhere and share the rights and share the music and rights with us to use. There will be a fee to do so.